Product name : Ceramic Bond Polishing Pads
Item : 201431111141
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Ceramic bond polishing pad:

Ceramic bond diamonds will quickly remove scratches left behind by metal-bond diamonds to prepare concrete.The pads continue to be the best performing,longest lasting transitional pad on the planet.These tools remove metal bond scratches quicker than traditional hybrid series tooling and will not build heat during the cutting process which therefore maintains a cooler operational temperature that ultimately increases tool life.The diamond selection process has been carefully maintained providing the operator with oure blend of diamonds without the worry of larger straggler diamons that creat the inconsistent scratch patterns.In fact,these tools will not leave a scratch pattern,giving the operator the option of progressing to a much higher resin than traditional polishing methods.These tools were developed and designed to work universally with various types of grinding equipment on the market. 
Available in 3"(80mm).
Attachment: Velcro.
Max RPM: 2000
Dry Use.

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